L’Oréal Hot Spot Eco-Friendly Redesign Case Study

As the world more frequently faces the effects of climate change, more companies are making sustainability pledges and setting stringent goals for themselves and their suppliers. While consumers have been consistently shifting toward more sustainable products for a while, a 2020 study by Accenture found that companies that outperform their peers in innovation and sustainability also enjoy 3.1% higher operating profits than those with less focus in those areas.

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The Challenge

L’Oréal, one of DCI’s long-term clients, has been a leading example of sustainability within the beauty industry for many years. They have worked hard to implement standards and best practices for suppliers to follow in support of their efforts and have also vocally shared their learnings and goals in an effort to encourage others to be part of the solution.

DCI has partnered with L’Oréal on numerous fixtures and displays and has always been able to design products that meet their sustainability requirements without sacrificing style and functionality, but recently L’Oréal challenged us to do more.

Throughout DCI’s long relationship with L’Oréal, one of the most popular fixtures that we produce is a Hot Spot that has been in the market since 2019.While the existing fixture worked fine,L’Oréal challenged DCI to reimagine the existing unit to be even more eco-friendly. The initial design met the required sustainability standards but, at the time, DCI was only producing the fixture, with another one of L’Oréal’s partners producing the graphics. This meant that the entire unit shipped from 2 separate vendors in 2 separate pieces, ultimately requiring additional freight.