What's the best way to charge up your retail experience?




Plug into digital!

Our state-of-the-art digital solutions engage customers, elevate the retail experience and drive sales. Our strategic content development services and robust LiveGuide® digital platform ensure the right message is delivered to the right screen at the right time.


Digital is the heartbeat of modern retail. It connects, informs, engages and drives interaction. Getting it right takes a strategic approach, intelligent design and a content management system designed for retail.

Our full-service team of digital experts stays on top of the latest trends and technologies and knows how to leverage them to drive retail impact. There's always something brewing in our DCI Innovation Lab, where the latest ideas are brought into physical form so we can share them with our clients.

You can count on DCI to deliver digital experiences that will keep your customers coming back to explore what’s next.

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Digital Signage

Our turnkey glance media solutions let you deliver engaging and impactful messaging in every area of the retail environment. Whether it’s brand storytelling videos, data-driven ads, greeter boards or appointment menus, we make it easy to display a breadth of important content to your customers.

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Interactive Kiosks

Digital touch-screen interfaces can be used to support many shopper, brand and retailer needs, including product exploration, shopper assistance, self-service interactions and sales-process enablement. Our interactive displays are custom-designed to provide users the information they need in a smart, efficient and highly trackable way.

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Experiential Installations

When it comes to immersive retail experiences, the sky's the limit. We can deliver seamless online to in-store connections, take your customers into virtual worlds, let them build and customize products with just a touch, and so much more. Whatever your brand needs to engage and convert, our team is ready to take on the challenge.

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Lounge TV

Elevate the customer experience in your waiting areas by delivering quality entertainment and immersive brand storytelling. Our easy-to-use Lounge TV solution lets you curate custom broadcast experiences with the perfect blend of brand content, product highlights, syndicated lifestyle programming and data-driven info blocks. No more negativity and competitive advertising - just positive, uplifting entertainment that builds customer loyalty. 

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Content Management

LiveGuide® is our proprietary Digital Content Management System that drives DCI digital products and solutions. It is a robust and responsive platform that supports content delivery, data management, reporting and analytics, and ongoing program evolution.

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Lead Innovation Engineer