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Our team is second to none, fully embracing the crowded markets, short product life cycles and trend-seeking customers in the consumer electronics industry. Our insight-driven approach lets us keep pace with the latest technologies to deliver engaging and immersive retail experiences. From feature displays to interactive demos to full shop-in-shop environments, we know how to deliver the kind of turnkey solutions that keep shoppers coming back and retailers happy.


DCI offers deep experience in consumer electronics solutions from concept through execution. We can help you create value-add campaigns and compelling in-store activation using custom fixtures, interactive displays, digital merchandising and more. We leverage the latest in digital and data technologies to inspire and engage savvy customers. Best of all, our seasoned pros and turnkey process ensure everything comes together seamlessly and keeps evolving right along with your products.

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Consumer Electronics Clients

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"We run really fast and we need to have partners that can run as fast as we run. DCI is definitely a partner that can do that."


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By the Numbers

Abstract illustration of a person wearing a VR headset.


As Meta’s official retail partner for in-store VR demonstrations, we’ve delivered a consistently engaging experience for more than one million customers to date.

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Intel wanted to drive preference and purchase intent for their devices. We delivered over 1.7 million impressions through a custom shop-in-shop “canvas”.

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We are exploring augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR), markets forecasted to reach close to $300 billion globally by 2024.