Program Management

Retail programs are never static. They need ongoing support to keep things running smoothly, ensure retailers know what they need to do, and support future growth and evolution. You can count on the DCI team to provide the end-to-end service that ensures long-term success.
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Project Management

Your peace of mind is important us. Our dedicated project managers are always working to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. You can trust that everyone at DCI is as invested in your program as you are and will work diligently to ensure its continued success.
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Training & Communications

To ensure your program goes off without a hitch, we provide robust training materials so that you and your team are ready for anything. From internal communications, videos and demos to user manuals and quick-reference guides, we make it easy to keep everyone informed.
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Customer & Technical Support

Our customer service team is trained and available to handle anything you or your retailers may need. Dedicated emails and toll-free hotlines ensure everyone receives prompt and professional attention. Technical support is provided for all DCI digital programs.
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Program Evolution

As your customers evolve, your retail programs should to.  That’s why we design all of our solutions to support ongoing enhancement. By leveraging data, analytics, audits and research, we can help you keep a pulse on what’s happening so you can flex and adapt whenever change is needed.