LiveGuide® Digital Content Management

Digital drives retail engagement and our LiveGuide platform drives all DCI digital solutions. This powerful content management system ensures the right content gets to the right place at the right time….every time. Whether it’s a single screen or a complex digital ecosystem, LiveGuide can support it all in one place, with an easy-to-use portal to make customization easy for your retailers.

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What is it?

LiveGuide® provides a way to monitor all your in-store digital devices. It provides security for all applications and ensures a consistent experience, whether its a consumer looking for more information or a retail expert answering customer questions.

The system updates content through a web-based management portal. LiveGuide captures real-time interaction data and delivers the metrics you need to understand what your customers are responding to. Best of all, it’s back with in-house customer and technical support to keep you up and running.

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An abstract illustration of LiveGuide® Digital Signage.

LiveGuide® Digital Signage

Delivers glance media messaging on promotional screens, menu boards, branded TV solutions and more.

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LiveGuide® Interactive

Powers custom interactive applications that deliver brand, product and service information along the path to purchase.

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LiveGuide® Ad Smart

Utilizes data from multiple sources to trigger contextually relevant messaging to your customers.

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LiveGuide® Learning Lab®

Uses camera vision to gather audience data for targeting, measurement and analysis.

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LiveGuide® Data Analytics

Robust data analytics warehouse and reporting platform to drive meaningful insights

Flexible & Scalable

LiveGuide® has a proven track record for being reliable and easy to use in thousands of retail locations. From simple media screens to complex AR and VR applications, it’s the right application to deliver the dynamic experiences your customers deserve.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud hosting model
  • Scalable and flexible playlist filters/channels
  • Automated software release channels to eliminate unneeded structure
  • Future Scheduling
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